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TMI consists of advisory groups, support teams, competent partners to help the business, and network advisors at all levels of society.
In particular, the advisory group will use its extensive experience and network to help and contribute to the growth and development of the TMI coin ecosystem.

Below are the key members of TMI Coin and are directly involved in management.

Geon Park

Doctor of Honorary Business
Administration at Vision University in the United States

Kwang chul Kim

Major in Information and Communication Engineering

Youngtaec Ahn

Major in physical education

Seokgyun Oh

I & U Investment Partners CEO

※ Reference
1. Major and technical personnel of investment companies are not registered.
2. Most of the company’s employees are not registered.
3. We have not registered any key external personnel we are working with.

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CEO : PARK KON   Business Number : 618 87 01039
TEL. 02)538-1267 , FAX. 02)538-1268

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