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The near future!

Artificial intelligence, which will become more real, and block chain technology, which is being introduced competitively by countries around the world to prevent data forgery and tampering, will require 10 times more Web or Apps to serve explosive data information against this backdrop.

However, the problem with the supply and demand of S/W engineers will become very serious.
Coding and high-level programming techniques. So far, how to make a Web or app is C, JAVA, VB, Python, Javascript, etc.
It was possible only when I learned various program languages.

And you can’t use it right away even if you work so hard to create a Web or an app.
Upload Web or Apps to cloud servers, followed by complex management processes such as maintenance and updates.
To develop and utilize one Web or app, you face a number of barriers from Web or app creation to operations.

TMI has solved these high barriers

TMI combines no-code technology with block chain technology and has turned the program into a world where anyone can produce it, which has focused on S/W developers.

With 10 minutes of training per day, non-experts can create simple Web or apps.
Furthermore, various business apps such as programs, homepages, mobile apps, ERPs, and MES can be produced and managed using IoT-related apps and block chains that require specialized skills.

TMI did what seemed impossible.

Now that you’ve been trained by TMI to combine No-Code and Blockchain technology, you can be the best programmer.

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