The TMI Foundation,

TMI, short for Technology Mission Impossible, was established for business purposes such as discovery and investment of original or core technologies, convergence of technologies, IPO, and marketing support.

Blockchain-based financial payment service

Our payment system is a simple payment platform using BRTE-based tokens that enables users who own a crypto currency to freely use digital assets in real life using digital assets and mobile wallets.

BRTE provides secure and fast transaction services (payment/transfer) based on real-time processing provided by the Blockchain platform.

In addition, customers can manage their assets in a secure environment by maximizing convenience while meeting the high level of security standards required by the block chain and financial ecosystem.

Blockchain Mainnet Technology ‘BRTE 2.0’

Blockchain is a data dispersion processing technology. In other words, it means a technology that distributes and stores data such as all transactions by all users participating in the network. It was named Blockchain because it is a chain of blocks.

The characteristic of the block chain is that it is difficult to forge or falsify data because several people store it. To forge and falsify, hackers must attack all participants’ transaction data, which is almost impossible.

No Code Technology

What is No Code Technology?

It means that non-experts can make web or app using 0% coding process.

Visual Development
of UX/UI

perfect productive

Experience easy and
ensure success

Maintaining a high level
of development quality

Easy learning and fast
business implementation

Providing fast and
accurate applications

Live Commerce

Live commerce, which evolved from one-way existing e-commerce, is said to have broken down marketing and distribution barriers by communicating with customers in real time.

Live commerce, where sales and communication take place in real time, is the best way to shop for Generation Z who will drive consumption in the future.

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